Thwarted By Gates and Rennovations / by Kasey Smith

I never managed to get a clear shot of this sign before it was removed. I am not a fan of the locked gate that prevented this...



Actually, the gate was often unlocked, but Comcast vans usually blocked the Nestle sign. My kingdom for some bolt cutters and the ability to hot wire a car and turn back time.

Given the sign’s western-facing direction, that it was considerably less dilapidated than the surrounding corrugated metal, and the modern can shape & pull tab I’m guessing this sign was “fake old” (or at least restored). However, I couldn’t find a lot on this specific ad/campaign so I’m unsure at this point. Still a gorgeous sign with a great retro color scheme. The sign says:

You’ll look better and love it!
Drink Nestle Sweet Success
Health Shake
Creamy Milk Chocolate

The front of the building can be seen  This sign was also removed during renovations.

Until recently, there was a twin Nestle Sweet Success sign above CounterSpace on Mission at 9th. It was effectively obscured by new high rise construction on Jessie Street and then painted over all together.